New Cool Collective and John Buijsman in De Oosterpoort

New Cool Collective came back to Groningen and I was rather shocked to see I had not seem them live since 2013. And that’s just too long without seeing the band so I was very happy to go to the Oosterpoort venue and see the band again last Wednesday.

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PlatoSonic and Eurosonic Air

Eurosonic happened again this weekend and so the whole of Groningen was flooded with musicians, TV and Radio stations, promoters and loads of festival goers. around the official Eurosonic-festival there are lots and lots of little sub-festivals. Grunnsonic, Altersonic and Platosonic to name but a few. And then there’s the main stage Eurosonic Air with bigger acts playing free gigs there.

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Welcome to the Village – Saturday

Welcome to the Village is a ‘new generation’ festival organized in Leeuwarden. Not so much focussing on a huge main act, but on a good strong concept: a festival-area that was set-up like… well, like a village. A square where you can grab a bite to eat (local -organic, ecological- products) or get a massage and a little out of the way a tent where Groningen’s Vera was pressing shirts and bags in Welcome to the Village style. Around this and some other attractions were 5 stages. Two for the bigger acts and 3 for various other interesting acts. All acts fitting to some extent under an alternative/indie moniker. And if it got too hot you could always sit on a beach of take a dive in the lake. An easy going festival with an easy going hip young crownd: Welcome to the Village!

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Don Fiasko and Beans & Fatback at Noorderzon

My last night at Noorderzon took me to two bands that both showed a lot of fun and enthusiasm on stage. First I headed to the Spiegeltent. I was a bit too late and found Don Fiasko already fully at it and had already won the crowd over. It’s hard to describe this rowdy crowd. On Internet I found them to be described as an afro-latino-electro-kitsch fanfare and I guess that will do for a large part. Personally I’d add a Japanese cabaret group somewhere in there.

It’s a large group and with two cameramen recording the whole thing it’s a miracle they all fit on the stage. But they had fun, they knew how to make a party and the visitors sang, danced and jumped to the beats. What a gig

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It was a long and cold wait, sitting at the pond without a jacked and with only a T-shirt (what was I thinking), but man was I glad I did (wait that is, not the forgetting a jacket part). Beans & Fatback is a mixture of blues, country and soul with a rich dose of funk. Just the thing to warm up a shivering crowd. Keyboardplayer and percussionist Gerhardt got the crowd warmed up well in advance of the show and continued playing on them during the gig, the duo drummers in the back made for a terrific rhythm section. Actually the whole band was great and they too looked like having a lot of fun on stage. I only wished bassplayer Jet faced the crowd a bit more, would have made it easier to take some photos ;) Beans & Fatback will play at the Oosterpoort again in about a month, I’ll try and see them again there, had a great time here

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