PlatoPlanet in Oosterpoort 1/2

Last Sunday the 5th edition of PlatoPlanet was held in De Oosterpoort. PlatoPlanet is sort of a preview to Eurosonic/Noorderslag and is organised by Plato in combination with the Oosterpoort venue.

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Groninger Museum Live #3

Last Saturday the third Groninger Museum Live was held, an evening of where lo-fi, fragile music is being played in a few locations in the museum. And as Anna-Lynne Williams -who’s Lotte Kestner album I had as my favourite album last year- is playing there as part of the duo Ormonde I had to be there of course.

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Noorderslag – Laura Jansen, Lola Kite and Awkward I

Laura Jansen is a Dutch singer/songwriter living in L.A., musically you should think of Tori Amos and Regina Spector. She plays in the ‘Ned3 Zaal’. Ned3 is one of the three Dutch public TV-channels and the concerts here are broadcasted live on TV

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Upstairs the 3voor12 room (3voor12 is the music division of Dutch broadcaster VPRO) is the place to be to check out alternative bands such as Lola Kite. “Psychedelic space rock with an eighties pop streak” Call it what you like, I just though it was really good

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In a tent dubbed “Hilversum Mediastad” Awkward I played what I thought was a phenomenal set. The album ‘I Really Should Whisper’ is great, I was happy to see thet it’s still fantastic played live

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