Rizla Racing Day @ TT Circuit in Assen 1/2

On August 8 the eleventh edition of the Rizla Racing Day was held, a day with demos and races and all that free of charge. I missed the morning program (motorraces) but arrived at the moment that Jasper Iwema was racing a few laps on his motorcycle. No race, just a few laps waving to the audience (a lot of people attended, from what I gathered about 50.000). Anyhow… no real interesting shots of Jasper then. Once Jasper had left the track, Robert Doornbos drove a Mercedes SLK on the circuit and drove some lucky prize-winners round the track, pushing the Mercedes to it’s limits and drifting though the corners. After that Yelmer Buurman drove his AC Milan Superleague Formula car on the track and entertained the crowd with a roaring engine, seriously fast laps and a few burnouts and donuts on the start.finish grid. the photos of this set are of tho separate demonstration-runs that were held between races

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After the demonstrations it was time to get racing and the cars of the ATS Formel 3 Cup came onto the track, but not before the Rizla ladies were paraded up and down the starting-grid holding the starting positions of the various drivers. Once the cars were on the track and found their place, for a while it was extremely busy on the starting grid. Once the mechanics had left the race could finally begin. The whole race lasted thirty minutes and one extra lap. During the race I relocated from the GT-corner to a corner a little further down the track to get a few different shots

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Superleague Formula qualifying and knockout finals on TT Circuit Assen

In preparation of the races on the TT Circuit of Assen on Sunday May 16, the Superleague Formula held Qualifying sessions and knockout finals on Saturday May 15. A day earlier there were already some practice sessions and a demonstration in the town center of Assen that was well attended.

Photographing these cars (or any for that matter) is a lot different then photographing motorcycles. Motorcycles are a lot more dynamic in corners as to cars. Also the cars a bigger and getting them interestingly on a photo is not that easy. It might work better if you shoot them from the front, but there were lots of gates preventing decent shots from that point. Luckily we were able to get on the top op the hospitality house so I could shoot some cars a little more from above and vary the shots a bit more. I’d like to try again sometime, but I’d like some different angles to shoot from.

But it was great to see these racemonsters racing over the circuit near my hometown. The noise these car make is insane.

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Superleague Formula additional program on TT Circuit Assen

On Saturday May 15 the Superleague Formula racing championship would be qualifying, but around those qualifying sessions were held additional races.For me it was a great way to practice photographing racing cars. When we arrived the Dutch Mustang Challenge had just begun. Curiously among the mustangs were also some BMW’s racing. I guess they helped fill up the field as there weren’t that many cars. The best looking Ford Mustang didn’t even race by the way, it was displayed on the middle area, looking awesome

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After these races we got on the photo shuttlebus (driven by my dad ;)) and relocated. It beats walking, I can tell you that. At the new location I was better able to track the cars and shoot them while they were¬† ‘slowly’ going around the corner. The race that started now was a supercart race. They may look small, but these little buggers go up to 240km/h (150m/h)

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The last event I saw was the Dutch Supercar Challenge race. Roaring engines, air-tunnel designed cars and as pit-stops were mandatory, so standing above the pitlane was a fun place to be. Didn’t get many racing images and certainly not many interesting ones, but a view from the pit is -for a change- quite interesting.

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