Static Roots Festival 2019

This year halfway July was the fourth edition of the fantastic Static Roots Festival in Zentrum Altenberg in Oberhausen. A young festival that is growing and improving every year and as a result of that they SOLD OUT this year, a fantastic achievement and I’m really proud to have been a part of this great festival from the very beginning!

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Cicada Rhythm and Elliott Brood at Vanslag

Last Thursday there were no less then two concerts at the Vanslag. Canadian Elliott Brood was back for it’s fourth concert at the venue and Cicada Rhythm from America arrived for it’s first concert at the Borger church.

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Christopher Paul Stelling

One day after the Sven Hammond Soul gig in Groningen and an afternoon clearing out the forest near Oudemolen as a team-outing from work I was  tired, worn and also already back to the next gig. This time in Borger, back to Vanslag.

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Hackensaw Boys at Coco Maria

In the Netherlands concerts are usually held inside, but every once in a while -when the weather is good- you can find those magical open air places with just the perfect music for the location. On the first of June -when the weather was exceptionally well- the good folks of Roots on the Road and Coco Maria held a concert outside. With a setting sun, great music and a beautiful location the scene for a super concert was set!

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Static Roots Festival

As great as the concerts the previous night were, Saturday was the official festival day. As it was to start in the afternoon I had the morning to explore a bit of Oberhausen on foot.

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Daniel Norgren in Vera

As I drive into Groningen, I could see the huge Ferris Wheel of the May Fair on the Vismarkt popping out over the buildings, the sun was slowly setting and with the first official summer-temperature day of 2015, it was a lovely evening. But I wasn’t in Groningen for that… I had completely missed the announcement of Daniel Norgrens gig in Vera until a friend pointed me to that. Quickly checked it out and it sounded great, so onwards to Groningen!

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Luke Winslow-King in Vanslag

About a year and a half ago Luke Winlow-King and band played Vanslag and it must have been really good as the buzz afterwards was really good and the build up to the concert last week was pretty big too. Playing the popular Dutch TV show De Wereld Draait Door a day earlier helped too of course.

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Elliott Brood and Peter Thisell in Vanslag

Last Friday the Canadians of Elliot Brood came to Borger, a band that I’ve last seen a long long time ago. The first time in 2005 in a very small setting in a small, intimate café in Assen (De Witte Bal, where many of my musical roots lay) and then in 2008 at the Take Roots festival. Quite a few years have passed and a day after the guys played at the former church Paradiso in Amsterdam they now came to the Church-turned-venue of Borger: Vanslag, together with Swedish singer-songwriter Peter Thisell.

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Danny Vera and Taneytown in Vera

Last Thursday I decided to test my newly repaired roadbike wheel and had to pick up the pace as the round got a bit bigger then I had planned. Did a good round, rushed to the shower and then quickly drove to Groningen for Danny Vera’s gig in -appropriately- Vera.

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Steve Earle and The Mastersons in De Oosterpoort

I could have sworn I had seen Steve Earle before. However I found no mentioning of him in my concert-database and looking at older concertdates in the Netherlands revealed that it must have been in either 2000 at Take Root or in 2004 with the Jeruzalem tour. In 2000 I didn’t really visit gigs yet so it’s probably 2004 however I can’t find any photos in my archives. Still pretty sure I saw him though. Anyhow, he was back in the Netherlands last week and I made sure not to miss him this time!

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Groninger Museum Live #5

Last Saturday the Groninger Museum -together with wishfulmusic– hosted it’s fifth edition of this great little festival in what must be one of the most inspiring locations for a musical evening

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