Spettacolo Sportivo Alfa Romeo

When you’re a bit of an Alfa Romeo lover -an Alfista as it were- and you live near the TT Circuit of Assen, you have to visit the Alfa days held on the circuit. And I happen to be one so I prowled the circuit on Saturday when the “Spettacolo Sportivo Alfa Romeo” organized by SCARB was held.

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Viva Italia 2015

Last Sunday the TT Circuit in Assen was home again to Viva Italia; the celebration of Italian cars. They did this in combination with a Supercar Sunday event. However I don’t much care for ‘Supercars’ (fast engines under a windtunnel-shaped carbon fiber shell and bucket seats) so I marvelled at the historical cars that were far more ‘super’ to me.

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Oldtimerdag Ruinerwold

On Saturday August 16 the 22nd Oldtimerdag in Ruinerwold was held, an annual celebration of old mopeds, motorbikes, vans, trucks, tractors and cars with everything from the very, very old to the early eighties. And to think I nearly missed that. I got a comment on a photo on Instagram mentioning it and as I thought it was a cool idea, I went. Also in hopes of finding a few lovely Alfa Romeo’s.

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Viva Italia @ TT Circuit in Assen

On September 4 the anual Viva italia day was held at the TT Circuit of Assen, hosting a great variety of Italian cars. Everything from the lovely Fiat 500’s to the outworldish Lamborghini’s. As long as the weather’s good, it’s a great chance to see some beautiful and some ridiculous cars as only the Italian can design.

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Alfa Romeo Spider 1:18

Yesterday I added some parts to the photographic table. I bought a black cloth and two 500watt lights and a sheet of Plexiglas. this is to enable me to not only shoot on a white surface, but also on black and the Plexiglas is to give me the reflections. Not to test this, I placed one of my beloved Alfa Romeo model cars on the Plexglas (after much dusting I have to admit) and try some shots. I personally like to be able to use small apertures to get as much sharpness and to see if then I still get well lit images. I can always go to larger apertures afterwards.

The first thing I noticed is that 2x 500watt isn’t nearly enough for a 100mm f/22.0 shot, it will still produce fully black images at low ISO’s (and you do want low ISO settings). So eventually after trying some various things, I added the 580EX flash to the camera and started shooting with that. That helped. A lot!

I still need to fine-tune and I do believe I’ll need a different cloth as this one shows the thread in the images (not so much after editing, but then I did some hard post-editing on these photos), but I am happy with the results and believe I’ll be able to put the table to good use, especially in rainy days ;)