Eurosonic – Manna and Cords

Our planning had us at Huize Maas for The Chapman Family, but as the band finished way too early, we only heard the dying sound of the last guitar stroke and found ourselves with a gap to fill. A quick look at the EuroSonic app on the iPhone (man those phones are handy at festivals, I really have got to get me one) we looked up the time-table, saw that Manna (from Finland) was playing in Vindicat and reading the bio they sounded interesting (tags: Punky, dreamy, somewhere between Polly Jean Harvey and Patti Smith), so we decided to check them out. And as I’m a huge succer for female bass players, entering the venue I immediately saw that everything was going to be very OK :)

Usually we avoid Dutch bands during EuroSonic, there’s enough chances to see those during the season, but exceptions can always be found. And Cords is one of them. A ‘Noiserock’ band, two John Peel sessions in a former life, great stage reputation and fronted by Simone Holsbeek the Cords sounded great and I can’t wait to see them in a full-on concert (with better lights too)

EuroSonic – Kilians and Love Amongst Ruin

During the EuroSonic festival I visited the Vera venue only once, for the German band Kilians. It was the first band I saw that really got the crowd going. A band with a great attitude and Vera was dancing and shouting with the band.

In Huize Maas former Placebo drummer Steve Hewitt was performing with his band Love Amongst Ruin. It was LOUD!

Eurosonic – Jon Allen, Sometree and We Can’t Sleep At Night

Here are the first few sets of Eurosonic. The first is Jon Allen from Belgium, the band we started with at the Huize Maas venue

Sometree from Germany played at Shadrak

Also playing in Shadrak was the Slovenian band We Can’t Sleep At Night

PlatoSonic Thursday

EuroSonic is an ever evolving festival in Groningen. Every year there are more and more ‘side-attractions’ and in-store performances. Record store Plate and neighboring Coffee shop ‘Coffee Company’ organised PlatoSonic; In-store gigs by and interviews with bands that were to perform at Eurosonic and Noorderslag. A very good way to start the day. Here are the first two performances of Thursday; Dutch band Pitch Blond and the Belgian Isbells:


Work in progress

Now that the EuroSonic and Noorderslag 2010 edition is over and all photos for FileUnder have been processed and I’ve rested a bit, it’s time to get my own photos edited. In the following day’s I’ll add sets as photos are processed. Not sure how fast I’ll get everything done, I’ve seen 45 acts in three days and that’s quite a lot to get online, but I’ll do my best :)

My working office for the last few days was kinda like this:


After two days of Eurosonic, with mostly foreign bands all over Groningen there is Noorderslag: a one day festival concentrating on Dutch acts. And all under one roof: De Oosterpoort. Like the previous days we started with a few in-store gigs in Plato and the Coffee Corner. We saw Anne Soldaat, Bettie Serveert, Charlene and DeWolf there. A great way to start the last day.

Then again a quick dinner, but without the enormous waiting time. After that it was time to go to the venue. I’ll leave the list of acts for now, lets just say it’s a lot. I think I saw about 18 acts. Not sure if all the photos worked out, but I’m already hard at work with them. More on this later.

Eurosonic Friday

And that was that for day two. We started in the Coffee Corner where Jasper Erkens did an ‘in-store’. After that we went to a Mexican restaurant that actually got their food from Mexico, there’s no other way to explain why we had to wait such a ridiculous time for our orders. Thanks to that, we were pretty late at the first festival-gig at Huize Maas. The gigs we saw Friday were:

Pony Pony Run Run, Donkeyboy, Creature With The Atom Brain, Jaakko & Jay, Los Campesinos, Ou Est Le Swimming Pool, Jenny Wilson, Silvert Hoyem and lastly Young Guns. A pretty well packed evening, lots of walking. Photos for FileUnder will follow after some sleep.

Eurosonic Thursday

The first day of Eurosonic is behind us. It’s been a long day. In the morning and the early hours of the afternoon I was preparing the house and a little after 15:00 Bert of FileUnder was here and we drove to Groningen for an interview with Marina of Marina & The Diamonds. After that the gigs started.

First we saw two instore-gigs in the record company Plato. Gigs by Pitch Blond from the Netherlands and Isbells from Belgium. Then dinner and meeting the other FileUnder members and after that the real Eurosonic event started. Between 20:30 and 2:00 we saw:

Jon Allen, Marina & The Diamonds, Sometree, Kilians, Manna, We Can’t Sleep At Night, Cords, Love Amongst Ruin and Heike Has The Giggles. Lots of bands. I’ll start working on the photos for FileUnder after a bit of sleep and photos on Flickr will have to wait a bit longer :) Great first night of the festival.

Winter in the Netherlands

Around Christmas we had lots of snow in the Netherlands. The first white Christmas since 1981. Shortly after that, most of the snow had disappeared again. But… it started snowing again around the end of the year and within just a few days there was a nice thick blanket of snow covering landscape again. How cool is that? I love winter ;)

So yesterday I went out for a walk, brought my camera and took some photos. Did some editing in Photoshop experimenting with warm and cool colours. This resulted in some different colours. Some may work, some won’t, but that’s what an experiment is for.

[flickr]tag:Winter+Jan03@Klaas /[/flickr] WordPress online (again)

Hello and welcome to the all new website layout. The former website had been up and running for quite some time and though I was still very happy with the concept, it was time for something new and this is it. The new site uses WordPress and Flickr and will hopefully make the site more interactive.

If you’re wondering where all the old photos went… Well, they’ve been deleted from the site I’m afraid. However, as I’ve been running a shadow-gallery in Flickr for a good year now, you can find most photos (and at least every band I saw last year) here.

The site is still in development, but as the Eurosonic/Noorderslag festival is due shortly, I wanted to kick of the site to prevent myself from having to free up lots of space on my website area.

I hope you’ll enjoy the new layout and if you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact me.

Audiotransparent in Stadsschouwburg

To promote their new album Chekhov Guns the Groningen based band Audiotransparent held their releaseparty in the beautiful Stadsschouwburg venue in Groningen on November 26 2009. The Black Atlantic -also from Groningen- opened for them

[flickr]tag:Audiotransparent+Chekhov Guns@Klaas /[/flickr]

New site

Hello, this is the all new website area for my site. Currently it’s set up as a testing area to see how and if I can work with the WordPress site. If all goes well, it will be the basis of my- yet to build- new website.

Parts of the new structure will be (I hope) a decent Flickr plugin so I can post my photos directly on Flickr and show them here. Also, as you might notice, I’m using Twitter and, to make this a more active website.

The guestbook will disappear, but you’ll be able to comment on posts and on Flickr directly on the photos. Further ideas will have to be developed.