KJGuch.com WordPress online (again)

Hello and welcome to the all new KJGuch.com website layout. The former website had been up and running for quite some time and though I was still very happy with the concept, it was time for something new and this is it. The new site uses WordPress and Flickr and will hopefully make the site more interactive.

If you’re wondering where all the old photos went… Well, they’ve been deleted from the site I’m afraid. However, as I’ve been running a shadow-gallery in Flickr for a good year now, you can find most photos (and at least every band I saw last year) here.

The site is still in development, but as the Eurosonic/Noorderslag festival is due shortly, I wanted to kick of the site to prevent myself from having to free up lots of space on my website area.

I hope you’ll enjoy the new layout and if you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact me.

Audiotransparent in Stadsschouwburg

To promote their new album Chekhov Guns the Groningen based band Audiotransparent held their releaseparty in the beautiful Stadsschouwburg venue in Groningen on November 26 2009. The Black Atlantic -also from Groningen- opened for them

[flickr]tag:Audiotransparent+Chekhov Guns@Klaas / KJGuch.com[/flickr]

New site

Hello, this is the all new website area for my KJGuch.com site. Currently it’s set up as a testing area to see how and if I can work with the WordPress site. If all goes well, it will be the basis of my- yet to build- new website.

Parts of the new structure will be (I hope) a decent Flickr plugin so I can post my photos directly on Flickr and show them here. Also, as you might notice, I’m using Twitter and Last.fm, to make this a more active website.

The guestbook will disappear, but you’ll be able to comment on posts and on Flickr directly on the photos. Further ideas will have to be developed.