About me

Basic info:

In short (really short):

I love….

  • … music, there’s a database of my album collection available here, which contains many CD’s and an ever growing amount of vinyl. And a list of visited concerts over the years can be found here.
  • … coffee, so much so that I made a special page about it, here
  • … cycling and as I’ve given up the idea of becoming pro I take the camera with me on trips more and more for some interesting views I get along the way
  • … traveling and since I ran into my girlfriend late 2014 in Barcelona I’m in Barcelona as often as I can, so I’ve traveled quite a lot in the past two years.

And now perhaps a little deeper:

Hi there, my name is Klaas Jan Guchelaar, but you can call me Klaas. I was born in 1976 in Apeldoorn/The Netherlands. Moved about a bit in my younger years, but have since settled in Assen (also in the Netherlands, mostly known for it’s annual MotoGP event) for a long time now.


I work ‘with computers’, it used to be known as IT, computer bloke, geek or whatever, but as the branch is specializing, currently I’m in Information Management for an insurance company (although most people there still see me as ‘a guy that does something with computers’).


In my youth I actually used to hate photography, as I only knew the compact cameras and that was mind-numbingly dull to me (mind you: this was in the film-era, when a regular compact didn’t have anything more then one button to take the photo, no dials or anything). But around the new millennium I got interested in it through concert photos of a friend. He used an SLR camera and that got me hooked! The SLR camera had so many options, so many thing to take into account when taking a photograph and I loved that. After a year of trials on an old camera, I’ve been actively shooting since April 2001. As of 2005 I started shooting digital as digital photography had by then made some huge steps forward in terms of quality and ease-of-use. Although I’ve also kept playing with analog over the years, digital photography is definitely my main form of photography now.

I try to have a camera with me at any time (much easier nowadays with camera-equipped smartphones) and as a hobby it lets itself mix ever so well with most of my other hobbies; music, traveling, cycling and hiking. And the more you shoot, the better you’ll be able to ‘see a shot’.

Concert photography

My main interest in photography is concert photography. I love the fact I don’t control the events, but have to work with the ‘elements’ at hand. Sometimes the light is fantastic, sometimes it’s horrible, the subjects keep moving about and you have to get something decent out of all that. Also it gives me a chance to discover new bands or visit (and shoot) bands I admire. In August 2005 I got picked up by the guys of FileUnder.nl and have been happily shooting for them ever since (see my stream over there).

What else?

Over the years I’m sad to say my ears have taken a bit of a beating with all those concerts and I find that I can’t shoot concerts as actively anymore as I did. It’s bad for my ears and with my regular work it’s just a bit too much. But there are plenty of subject in photography that I love. Sports, landscapes, street scenes and travel photography mainly and although I’d love to try my hand at portraiture sometime, I just can’s seem to take that final step there and actually do that.

Also I love sports and try to do a little more there. I have some ideas of certain shots I’d like to take at some point and I’ll have to work onto getting myself just that little step further.

Analog or digital?:

I love analog photography, I honestly do. I started with an analog camera back in 2001 and in the end that’s something special in a good analog photo. However, the speed and versatility of digital photography is such an advantage that I simply cannot imagine going back to analog anymore.

And I have tried. As photography with the Canon DLSR’s became an increasingly dull and boring activity I went back to analog camera’s to keep photography fun. I’ve had Mamiya, Hasselblad, some Russian Leica-version, a Rolleicord and Rolleiflex and even a full Leica M6 system.

However in the same time Mirrorless cameras came to be and for me the Fujifilm X100 and X-Pro1 came at just the right moment. I won’t say I’ll not do anything with analog anymore, I’d love a good Rolleiflex at some point of a gorgeous 4×5 camera, but 35mm film for me is over and done with. As much as I love the Leica, it’s was just to much of a burden to take with me, not to mention to expensive a hobby to take on as well.


In my early years I didn’t travel (not after I quit going on vacation with the family). All finances went to new camera-gear, building an extensive CD- and vinyl collection and Hi-Fi gear and my time was spent going to concerts and cycling. But in 2011 I made up my mind that if I didn’t start traveling soon I’d never go anywhere anymore and so traveled to Rome. A year later to New York and the ‘travel bug’ got to me. When I visited Barcelona in September 2014 I could not have imagined to meet my girlfriend there, but, well… there you go. Since then I spent a good deal of my vacation-time in Barcelona and I’m lucky enough that my girlfriend is also fond of traveling and we have a long list of places we’d like to visit.


really like cycling, not in a race/match way, but going out on my roadbike lets me escape the world of computers, my work and worries for a while. Simply pedaling and enjoying the views along the way. And besides that I also walk a lot. The great thing about cycling and walking is that they both fit well in the hobby of photography. It’s easy to take a camera with you wherever you go (even if it’s only a smartphone-thingy).

Publishing work:

It’s not my main goal, but it is very pleasing to see my photos are used for CD- and DVD-sleeves every once in a while, or for other promotional material. A list of publications can be seen here. This isn’t being done for free however! Investing in photography gear, computers, software… the time involved, traveling costs… it all adds up and as musicians want me to pay for their music, it’s only fair that we photographers get paid for our work/art too. Contact me for details of check the Getty Images calculator for a basic startpoint (prices are negotiable, I’m not that strict).