Ruben Hoeke Band at Live op Zondag

For the second act in this series of Live op Zondag we saw the return of Ruben Hoeke, who ended the first season of Live op Zondag earlier this year in March. However with a newly released album there were new songs and seeing how terrific the first gig was, I was looking forward to this concert as well.

And me and the rest of the audience were right to do so, it was once again a fantastic gig. Luckily there were no changes in the line up of the Ruben Hoeke Band and -what are the odds- again a birthday bass-boy (well, it is another Sunday, right?).

Ruben Hoeke’s Birthday Bassist – Click image for full set

Just like the concert in March there was nothing but great music coming from the stage. Blues being the main thing and with lots of rock, funk and soul and a bit of jazz added to the mix. And a bit of the still very popular Hocus Pocus by Focus. Always good for a bit of finger-flexing on the guitar!

Ruben Hoeke Band – Click image for full set

Ruben is terrific on guitar and with Erik Hoeke on drums and Mike Kamp on bass again it was rock solid. Lucas Pruim is perfect on vocals and part time entertainer.

Ruben Hoeke Band – Click image for full set

It’s just as in March simply a fantastic gig and both band and audience were obviously having a great time.

Ruben Hoeke Band – Click image for full set

So a great time again and good to see Ruben and band again. Many thanks to Bas and Jellie, to Poortershoes and the Ruben Hoeke Band for a great, great, great afternoon!

Here’s a bit of Ruben Hoeke Band live: