Midsummernight walk at Dwingelderveld

A beautiful initiative from the Dutch organisation Natuurmonumenten is the Midsummer nightwalk that we did last weekend. In the night of course :)

The Dutch organisation Natuurmonumenten (in propper English “Society for preservation of nature monuments in the Netherlands“) aims to protect and preserve areas of nature in the Netherlands. On summer solstice¬† , when the day is the longest and the night(light) the shortest, they organize many hikes through the Netherlands and Monica and I went to the one at the Dwingelderveld.

Ready to go! – Click image for full set
We were sent out in batches and could enjoy the route at our own pace – click image for full set
Flowers (that’s as far as my knowledge goes) – Click image for full set

The Dwingelderveld is located near Dwingeloo and is about 37 square kilometers. it also houses the largest area of wet heath in Western Europe. I regularly cycle through a part of the natural park, but today we’d walk a pre-set route where here and there people of the organisation would be around the tell a bit about nature, a bit about folklore (the ‘Witte Wieven‘) and answer questions that people might have.

Into the forest we go – Click image for full set

At the start we got a map, they told us to follow the yellow arrows and off we were to the Dwingelderveld. As the sun slowly sank behind the horizon and the sky turned into beautiful evening shades, we walked through forest and over fields and as the light eventually faded and we finally reached the end of the route, we got a little sight of Saturn through a telescope to see it’s three moons.

Beautiful sunset with a night that won’t turn fully dark – Click image for full set
I found natural seat to rest a bit – Click image for full set

Back at the starting-point we were rewarded with a cup of tomato-paprika soup, a bit of music and a camp-fire. A lovely walk that we really should do more often!

Soup and music for those who found their way back – Click image for full set
Little lanterns guide the way back to the carpark – Click image for full set