Kieran Goss & Annie Kinsella

On the very last day of January I headed to Vanslag for a concert by the Irish couple Kieran Goss and Annie Kinsella. Outside it was white with snow and really quite cold, so a warm concert inside a church was just the right thing!

Kiearan is a former lawyer and Annie a graphic designer who several years ago decided to make their love for music into their career and have been touring together since although there are also several albums by Kieran solo.

But their new album is a duo album and therefor the material is mainly from their work together. Although… there was a couple quite insistent on getting Kieran and Annie to play some old songs too, especially as ‘Clear Day’ was such a favorite of them and it was their birthday and they had driven oh so very very far :) Also Clear Day is used as a tune in one of the weather forecasts of Ireland.

Another old song was ‘ The Reason Why’ and I think they had one or two other songs in the list that were a bit older.

But the rest was mainly from their newest album and they had such great stories about how the songs came to be, or why they ended up on the album. The album was recorded in New York by an old Irish friend of theirs who moved to New York years ago and made it into becoming a much demanded producer. However not everyone makes it in America and the s0ng Holowood Boulevard is about that.

Also there’s the lovely song ‘Michael’s Orchard’ about growing an orchard with apple trees by the see even though everyone’s firm convincement that it would never work.

And so the evening was filled with many songs and even so many stories. With some good humour and lots of laughs and the promise of an extra break as they sold so many CD’s in the break that they wanted a few more breaks ;)

Beautiful concert and a terrific pair of musicians. Many thanks to Kiera, Annie and of course Vanslag!