Joris Teepe presents New York comes to Groningen with Ben van Gelder

Last week I visited what was probably the last gig of this year, but also finally the first one in the Netherlands together with Monica. And as we both like jazz, visiting Joris Teepe’s series of jazz concerts was a good concert to start off with.

Joris Teepe and Ben van Gelder

It was the 70’th edition of Joris Teepe‘s sessions in De Oosterpoort where he invites various musicians to play concerts here in Groningen. Joris has played with a huge list of musicians all over the jazz-area including (just to name a very few) Sonny Fortune, Rashied Ali, Billy Hart and Randy Brecker. Having lived in New York for a long time and now teaching in Groningen, he invites various jazz-musicians for lectures and concerts here in Groningen.

Ben van Gelder – Click image for full set


For this concert Joris had originally invited Melissa Aldana, but at the last moment she wasn’t able to make it and so luckily Ben van Gelder was able to fill in. Ben is originally from Groningen, but has lived in New York several years and so there’s still a good connection to New York.

They play two sets varying between original songs by Joris Teepe, some of Ben van Gelder and several originals and they included some songs of Rashied Ali, for in who’s band Joris has been playing several years.

Joris Teepe – Click image for full set
Marc van Roon – Click image for full set

Great concert and I’m happy I’ve finally been able to bring Monica along to a concert in the Netherlands :) There will be many to follow. In the next year there a re some new concerts in Joris’ set planned already.

Owen Hart Jr. – Click image for full set

Click on any of the photos to see the full set or click here.