Dilana Rox Vanslag

On Friday October 28 Dilana came to Borger to rock Vanslag. The concert season has truly started now.

I can remember it like it happened yesterday… In April 2001 I took my brand new Canon camera (analog back then) to a café in Balkbrug: Vagant. That evening I’d see Dilana for the third time, but this would be the first concert with a good camera to kick off my concert-photography hobby. I didn’t get too many great shots, but a few worked out great and this image still is on the wall in my house:

Dilana in Vagant – Balkbrug, April 14 2001

After this I’d see her once more in a café in Emmen in 2001 and after that our ways parted and I haven’t seen her again since. Dilana went on to live in America for some time and I did not :) She entered the 2006 TV show Rock Star Supernova and in 2016 she entered the Dutch version of ‘The Voice’. Now Dilana has returned to the Netherlands and rejoined with Jeff Zwart on guitar to form a new band.

Dilana – Click image for full set

And with a new tour and new band she came to Borger last Friday and it was good to see her again. However after so many years I had to readjust my image of her as she has changed her appearance a bit (not at all like my 2001 photo).

Dilana – Click image for full set

She still has a fantastic voice though and the band rocks! With a good set of albums released I would have liked to hear a few more of her own songs and felt the gig was leaning a bit more on covers then I’d like, but still the selection of covers was good and powerful. The band did a great mix of strong rockers and taking it down for some ‘smaller’ songs showing off Dilana’s voice. After all those years it was really good to see and hear Dilana again, let’s hope it won’t be another 17 years.

Dilana – Click image for full set

Many thanks to Dilana and of course to Vanslag for this great kickoff of the season!