TT Festival 2018

I visited the TT Festival last night. In a lead up to the trainings and races of the Dutch MotoGP on the TT Circuit of Assen the TT Festival offers lots of fun and activities from Wednesday until Saturday. Musically it’s a bit of a sad affair these days, but luckily there’s lots and lots of other things to do, beginning with a funfair!

The funfair is always fun to walk around with all the blinking lights, the screams and all the attractions.

But the funfair at the ‘Veemarkt’ ¬†terrain is only part of the festival, the whole centre of Assen is bursting with activities. Lots of DJ booths, some music stages and various other attractions. And of course food and beer aplenty.

On the way back home one last round past the funfair and then really bak home. Leaving the grounds behind me I suddenly saw the reflection of the funfair in the water at the Havenkade and had to take a picture of that. Then it was off back home for me. Let the youngsters have the fun deep in the night :D