Guy One in Vera

There’s a thing about African music that just makes my heart beat a bit faster and happier. Luckily I’m not the only one and so we are getting more and more funky Afrobeat of African bluesy bands playing in Europe. It doesn’t attract the amounts of crowd like the big western rockbands do, but there’s a good bunch of music lovers that will turn up for these concerts!¬†Last Wednesday Guy One from Ghana played at Vera.

I read on the Vera website it’s the second time in a year for Guy One, but for me the first time I met the man. He had two Ghanaian backing vocalists and dancers with him and the rest of the band is made up of members of the former German funk-band¬†Poets of Rhythm, a band that apparently also has quite the reputation.

The Drummer -Max Weissenfeldt- is also the producer of Guy One’s album #1. and he did most of the introductions during the concert, with a bit of German humor that was a bit off, but musically the band was smoking.

Guy One’s a very likeable guy, cheerful, energetic and very musical and the two backing are a joy to watch. The dancing is contagious and not long after the concert starts more and more of the audience is dancing too, however the dancing of the two Ghanaian singers, especially when they get some room is just fantastic.

I’m really happy Vera has a podium for these concerts and home to see many more!