Velodrom D’Horta training

Yesterday was supposedly the last in a series of warm summer days in Barcelona and with that in mind it seemed a good idea to head back to the Velodrom D’Horta for a few more photos of the training session as my first attempt was lacking a group of cyclists.

On my first attempt I was a bit too early and got a message for the guys of PistaBCN that they usually start training at 18:00, so this time I went a bit later and found a fair group  of cyclists on the piste.

Training sessions at a velodrome give a zen-kind of relaxation watching the bikes go round and round and round. Quite different to the actual races (there’s a race in the velodrome of Apeldoorn soon, which I hope to attend too!).

As the sun was setting, the sky was alight in wondrous colours as the cyclists ploughed on and on and a bunch of kids gathered on the inner field for football practice.

To capture the sky at it’s best I had to do this one in colour

On that (although I have not photos of it) the Velodrom D’Horta stadium is broadly used: as the cyclists race on the piste and the kids are playing football matches behind the tribunes another cycling-world is in practice: Half-pipe BMX’ers and the tactical course jumping from rock to rock on bicycles is being trained here too. Interesting to see but with a lot of noise and shouting, but it does take away a bit from the serene monotone cycling that is happening on the piste.

For this stay in Barcelona this was the last chance to visit the Velodrom D’Horta, but I will absolutely visit again next time!

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