The Tibidabo challenge

Tibidabo is a terrific mountain to a ‘quick’ uphill challenge and almost every ay you’ll see cyclists racing or struggling up that mountain. To better themselves or their cycling comrades.

Having had my Bianchi in Barcelona last year I climbed the Tibidabo mountain a few times myself so I can quite well see the attraction that this mountain has on cyclists. In the past few days I’ve wished to have my roadbike with me many times whenever I saw a roadbike to by. However that will have to wait for another time this year.

As I also want to do more with cycling photography  I took the opportunity -while walking down Tibidabo- to work on my ‘cyclists portfolio’ a bit. As it’s a normal working day in Spain and it’s January the road leading up Tibidabo wasn’t much crowded which meant I had to wait quite a bit of time to get the shots I wanted, but overall I think I got a decent amount of shots.

Once I was down hill again I then prepared for a second visit to the velodrome in Barcelona, that will appear in the next post…

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