A daytrip to Sitges

As we were having such good weather in the weekend, we decided on going to Sitges for a day. It’s less than an hour by train and a lovely area to visit in winter when the city isn’t too crowded by tourists.

On the trip to Sitges already we felt the warmth and burden of our winter coats, but as we arrived we saw we clearly weren’t the only ones. It was a beautiful day with nothing but blue skies and lots and lots of sun and the promenade was filled with people carrying their winter coats.

It’s sales-season in Spain so also in Sitges we visited a few stores to see the grand reductions but overall we just enjoyed walking around in the small streets going up and down Sitges, taking in the views and the sun.

But the first order of business in Sitges was of course coffee and there’s a terrific bar that we just happened upon moments after we arrived: Vita Brevis. They have good coffee, the place looks great and they have Dutch apple pie!

A square on top of a climb gave a beautiful view to the main area of Sitges and luckily it had a terrace so we could enjoy it with a beer. Back down we enjoyed the sun with a view to the beach and then headed to see what all the noise was about.

Some guys were feeding gulls and a huge amount of them were hoovering waiting to be fed. Quite the spectacle.

We then headed back into the streets to find a good restaurant as we were both getting hungry. We found a great restaurant in a small street that had only been open for a few month and had a delicious dinner there.

After that we headed back to the beach to see the sunset. One last time past Vita Brevis before we took the train back to Barcelona to see the Correfoc there. It’s been a while since we were in Sitges, but it really is a beautiful place to visit.

The full set of photos can be seen by clicking on any of the images or by clicking on this link.