Eurosonic preview @ Vanslag

In a few days Eurosonic is going to start again in Groningen and with so many bands -from all over Europe- playing in Groningen, it’s easy to overlook some of them and for that reason alone it’s great that in the day’s before it starts ┬áthere are some preview shows. In Vanslag in Borger last night they showcased 7 acts from the province of Drenthe that will all play at Eurosonic-Noorderslag next week.

For one thing I’ll say that there’s quite a lot of quality from Drenthe at the moment. Unfortunately I would not be able to see it all…

Daisy: Starting in the especially arranged clock tower room was Madelief, performing under the name Daily. A young talented girl playing both guitar and piano (although not at the same time of course). She writes and sings pop songs with a jazzy tone. It was to busy in the tower that not everyone was able to have a seat. The stairs to the tower were filled too. Well deserved for a good start of the evening.

Daisy – Click image for full set

Timo de Jong: As the tower was completely full the next performer -who was actually also planned to perform in the tower- played on the stage in the main hall. Now at least everyone was able to attend. We lost a bit of the intimate feel of the tower-location, but we gained light and a bit more freedom of movement (always nice for photographers).

Timo de Jong – Click image for full set

Timo De Jong is a singer songwriter with a more folky/country feel. He certainly has a stage-mentality and ties the songs together with lots of humor. I’m sure none of the visitors will forget that it’s Timo from Emmen but now living in Leeuwarden. Great voice and great songs.

Timo de Jong – Click image for full set

Sorry John: After two solo performers it’s now time to add some rock&roll to the evening with Sorry John, a band with ‘young dogs’. The foursome has already won the ‘Drentsch Peil XL’ and play upbeat, danceable poprock. Very catchy!

Sorry John – Click image for full set

Saint Martinez: After a short break we go on with Saint Martinez, a band that plays indie/americana. Good rock songs with a dash of blues. Good to see bands that, young as they still are, have no problems playing on a large stage and seem to belong there too.

Saint Martinez – Click image for full set

Again lots of original work, a terrific band and great vocals. With good lights from Vanslag the show rocks! Unfortunately my head too as a giant headache is in the making. A bit before the show ends I head to the tower to prepare myself for the next concert.

Saint Martinez – Click image for full set

I Took Your Name: Back in the church tower I manage to get a seat front row. Chris (I Took Your Name) asks me what I think about the light above hime and whether it should stay on of be turned off. Asking a photographer if a in a dimly lit room a light should be turned off can only get you one answer and so the light stayed on.

I Took Your Name – Click image for full set

Chris is joined by┬áJan Bart Leeuw on harmonium and guitar. I’ve known I Took your Name for some years now and my first experience was in my own house. Almost 5 years ago now. A lot has changed since then and after several singles and EP’s last year the first I Took Your Name album was released. The songs sound far more fragile and small and the harmonium is a great addition to the sound. A great concert, but by the end of this set my head was throbbing so badly that I raced to the car and drove home asap.

I Took Your Name – Click image for full set

Really sorry to have missed The Heck and Ruut Fieten, as the event was fantastic. Great music and all from Drenthe! We should do this far more often as far as I’m concerned. But next time without the headache please…

Thanks Vanslag and 3voor12 Drenthe and all of the musicians of course and good luck on ESNS18 next week!