Joris Teepe presents NYCTG: Jack Walrath

Last Tuesday I visited the Oosterpoort venue for a jazz concert in the café-lounge area. In a program where an New York based jazz-player comes to Groningen, hence the name of the series: New York Comes To Groningen. Tonight that New Yorker is Jack Walrath.

Whenever I’m in Barcelona with Monica we visit jazz concerts. We both love jazz and it’s a popular genre in Barcelona, so there are plenty of venues big and small presenting concerts or jam-evenings with various jazz styles. It’s however a lot harder to find that in the North of the Netherlands.

NYCTG: Joris Teepe – Click image for full set

However Joris Teepe‘s series of concerts is a very happy exception to that. For seventeen years now Joris has done these concerts and with four concerts per year that’s about 72 concerts, really impressive!

NYCTG: Jack Walrath – Click image for full set

In tonights edition Joris has invited several musicians around the main guest: Jack Walrath. Jack is a trumpet-player and arranger in the post-bop jazz scene (close to my favorite: hard-bop) and has played with Charles Mingus, Ray Charles, Clark Terry and one of my favourites: Freddie Hubbard! It’s to much to name all the musicians he played with over the years and that’s what Wikipedia is for :) Suffice it to say the list is long and impressive.

NYCTG: Jasper Soffers – Click image for full set

Tonight the band consists of Jack Walrath on trumpet, Joris Teepe on Bass, Michael Moore on clarinet and saxophone, Jasper Soffers on piano and Steve Altenberg on drums. A set of terrific musicians.

NYCTG: Steve Altenberg – Click image for full set

The setlist in the first half focuses a bit on compositions by Charles Mingus, but also some by Joris, Jack and Michael. In most songs every member gets a solo and the members give each other lots of room to shine. Great songs with a bluesy feel.

NYCTG: Michael Moore – Click image for full set

After a short break the second set features somewhat more modern compositions and has a playful feel. Even though Joris has been organising these concerts for 17 years not, I’m a bit ashamed to say this was my first visit to a NYCTG-concert, but it was great and I home Joris will continue for a while longer, so I can see a few more!

NYCTG: Jack Walrath – Click image for full set