Koko Jean & The Tonics ft. Dani Nel.lo at Jamboree

My time in Barcelone this last Sunday was almost at an end, but there was one more concert to see: Koko Jean & The Tonics featuring Dani Nel.lo. A terrific voice and now in combination with a great Rhythm&Blues saxophone player, that was going to have to bee good!

Koko Jean and The Tonics were playing at the Jamboree and that location is a sure bet for good concerts. I haven’t seen Koko Jean before, but I do know of her from her other band The Excitements. Love their album a lot and I just missed them when they played in the Oosterpoort in October last year (at the time we were in Guatemala). So it’s a great opportunity to see her and band now.

The Tonics are Koko on vocals of course, Dani Baraldés on guitar, Anton Jarl on drums and Victor Puertas adding layers of groove on Hammond organ. Add to that a swinging Dani Nel.lo on saxophone (who Monica and I of course know from several other concerts in Barcelona) and you’re set to groove.

The concert starts with a swinging instrumental after which Dani introduces Koko Jean on stage. Koko Jean has a great stage presence and together with Dani it really sparks. She’s all over the stage and get the audience moving more and more.

Halfway the concert Koko leaves the stage and the band plays another instrumental showing off Dani Nel.lo‘s talents. Koko returns shortly after having redressed for the second part of the concert.

The band takes it up a few notches and blasts on, the audience gets in a dancing mood and after one more encore unfortunately the concert is over. Fantastic Rhythm&Blues with a dash of Rock&Roll from Barcelona… I LOVE it!