Evening walk

The wheels of my Bianchi are still out, but the weather was lovely last evening. And I remembered that it’s been a long, long while since I last just headed out for a walk, so that’s what I did. Grabbed the X-Pro2 and went for a near three hour walk…

Nothing to far, I just headed into the center of Assen, the along the ‘vaart’ to the canal that streams along Assen and from there back home, but it is a bit of a walk :)

New grass

Getting closer to the center I arrived at the new water entrance into Assen. Very fresh grass has been laid there, just hope they’ll add something to avoid cars parking on it…

Former fire station of Assen

From the former fire station I walked cross the ‘center’ of Assen to the boat-dock ‘Kop van de vaart’ where in summer boats can dock in the heart of Assen (see image on top of this post) and then along the water to the point where it joins the Canal.

Walking along the ‘vaart’

The sun was starting to set and clouds coming in. Still had quite a bit to walk though.

Houseboat area of Assen

Reaching the canal it’s very simple, just walking up along the canal and it will nearly lead home. With the lovely sky and still waters, walking home was just bliss.

Watery reflections