Gamma Racing Days

Last weekend the Gamma Racing Days were held on the TT Circuit of Assen. Starting on Friday there were events all weekend on and around the circuit. I went to see what was happening on Sunday afternoon.

The weather was simply fantastic and there was quite a big crowd. The event is free. At least… in the past weeks you could get free tickets just about everywhere and especially at the DIY store Gamma and you only had to pay extra to enter the paddock. I skipped that as there was plenty to see on and around the track.

There were lots of little mini tracks for the little kids on stider bikes (loopfietsen in Dutch), merchandising stands for shirts and caps of all motor- and car related teams (however 35 Euros for a Red Bull cap is bonkers) and demonstrations, goodiebags and foodstands all around the circuit.

Nico Hülkenberg in his Renault F1 – Click image for full set

More importantly was what was on the track though. As I arrived the morning program had just finished and a demonstration had just started which meant Nico Hülkenberg was racing around the circuit in his Renault F1 car, followed by a Ferrari (I think around 1987-period) and a special F1 Renault two-seater. Not much later Dutch Superbike Racer Michael van der Mark did some laps on his Yamaha Superbike.

Michael van der Mark – Click image for full set

Next up was ‘Lord Atom Anable‘ who tried to set the track record raging a shoppingcart around the track. And before you thing that took hours… it’s a shoppingcart with a small sized jet engine that went around 160km/h. The Lord was back not much later racing a motorized monocycle around the track.

A speedy shoppingcart – Click image for full set

Lastly a large line of the Dakar racers, from cars and bikes all the way up to the trucks with Tim Coronel trying to lower his car to the asphalt doing donuts wherever he could.

Tim Coronel doing donuts – click image for full set

And then finally we got back to doing some races. Starting with the Yamaha R6 Dunlop cup. As I like walking around the track with these events, I had from arrival made my way to the corner known as ‘De Bult’ by the start of this race and that’s about the perfect corner shooting close-ups of motors, so I stayed there for a bit.

Yamaha R6 Dunlop Cup – Click image for full set

However after a while I kind of want to do some other shots and walked on to the point where you get a different angle and a bit more action in the shots. The race ended not much later and was won by a Yamaha (don’t know the driver, but I’m pretty sure it was a Yamaha motor :) ).

Yamaha R6 Dunlop Cup – Click image for full set

I also shot most of the photos at this location for the next race: the BOSS GP (Big Open Single Seaters). It’s a big mix of Formula 1 cars, GP2, IndyCar, Champ Car, World Series by Renault, Superleague Formula and other kinds. It was dominated by the F1 Red Bull racer who’s car sounded and looked incredibly impressive.

BOSS GP – Click image for full set
BOSS GP – Click image for full set

After this race the audience thinned out a bit when the Supercar Challenge started. I’m sure that the cars go way faster then I’d ever be comfortable with racing my Alfa Romeo GT over the track, but especially after the speedy Yamaha bikes and the race monsters of the BOSS GP, this looks a bit sluggish. Also I always have trouble finding decent angles for photos for races like this as they don’t look as dynamic as motors. I shot these photos along the Strubben-area of the track.

Hankook Supercar Challenge – Click image for full set

In the end I caught the start of the Supercar Challenge GT that followed but with a really small field of cars racing around this was absolutely no fun to watch at all (sorry mates), so after a few rounds I left. Had a superb afternoon with fantastic weather and saw and heard a few terrific motorbikes and racing cars going round the track and it’s great to have Gamma sponsoring such an event not to mention to have a circuit like this so close to home!

Supercar Challenge GT – Click image for full set