87th Dutch TT in Assen

If you live in Assen you’re going to have to try really hard to miss the Dutch TT. After a week of TT Funfair and nearly a week of the annual TT Festival today finally the 87th Dutch TT was on with the Moto3, Moto2 and the main event: the MotoGP!

Personally I gave the festival a miss as (speaking personally as a music-lover) I have never in my life seen such a horrible list of assembled bands and musicians. Save one or two bands it was a complete and utter disaster.

No rastafarians here, but Rossifarians, Rossi-fans

However… my dad had a TT-Circuit VIP-ticked for race-day on offer and was kind enough to give it to me (he was -as every year- volunteering at the track driving photographers to their desired locations). The ticket gave access to the VIP-rooftop with a view to the Geert Timmer corner, it’s about the best place on the track to have a clear view to the last corner of the track and from the inside of the track (the tribunes at the GT-corner are great, but the view’s quite different).

Before the start there was an airshow by Dutch Rush Aerobatics entertaining the crows with air-tricks and the play divided it’s attention over all the track.

And then at eleven it was time for the first race. I’m not sure it it was oil of the last remnants of rain, but there were a lot of crashes in the GT-corner and I managed to miss most of them. Not even the marshals knew the cause, no oil was found.

Moto3 – Click image for full set

The race was exciting, especially for the Dutch spectators as Dutch driver Bo¬†Bendsneyder was among the front racers all during the race. He ended spectacularly crashing meters before the finish line. That got him disqualified as he was not in contact with his bike at the time of ‘sliding over the finish line’. Bit of a shame as it was by far the most spectacular finish I ever witnessed :)

Moto3 – Click image for full set

In preparation for the next event we heralded a Dutch champion and legend from motor racing: Wil Hartog. He’s an enthusiastic guy who (aged 69) looks as vital as in his heydays as a racer. He’s know as the White Giant because of his size and white racesuit. He drove his original Suzuki over the track for one round and then we were set for the next race.

HonouringDutch TT Legend Wil Hartog / The White Giant on his Suzuki

I had sort of expected the Moto2 as a build up to the MotoGP, but instead the MotoGP was up now, the kings-class of motorracing and the heaviest bikes on the menu today.

MotoGP – Click image for full set

With Valentino Rossi among the riders, it’s always fun in the Netherlands as Rossi has a particular large amount of fans in the Netherlands. I’m not exactly sure why, but suspect it’s because Valentino is a fun, charismatic guy, always in for a bit of fun.

MotoGP – Click image for full set

Less crashes this time, but still a spectacular race that ended with Valentino’s first win of the season. Fitting that that’s in Assen.

MotoGP – Click images for full set

You can see that many people mainly come for the MotoGP as I’m starting to see empty seats and the VIP-terras is far less crowded for the Moto2. A huge filled field promises another exiting race.

Moto2 – Click image for full set

I try a few different angles in photography that (of course) I’d like to have used at the MotoGP too. Still. A great race to see and even though there’s a Red Bull Rookeis race to follow, I to now make my way home again. It’s been a terrific day and except for a bit of rain on cycling to and from the circuit, the day was mainly dry.

Moto2 – Click image for full set

Thanks dad for the ticket, it’s hugely appreciated!

Moto2 – Click image for full set

For a view for the full set of photos, including a bunch of silly Brits, you can click this link for the complete set, otherwise click any of the images to go to their corresponding series.