Whitney Rose at De Spieghel

Whitney Rose played at the Spieghel this weekend to bring some of that typical American Country with a Canadian twist to Groningen.

Originally Whitney Rose hails from from canada, but Country brought her all the way down to Austin Texas (I really have to visit that sometime, the music scene really has to be awesome over there).

Whitney Rose – Click image for full set

There is a lot of love for the true Country style at the core with the ballads and the odd tearjerker, but the band adds a lot of rootsy rock and country rock with hints of old time Rock’n’Roll.

Whitney Rose is a lovely sight center stage in a long dress that is somewhat reminiscent of the of country stars of old and wears some firm boots underneath it. Most importantly of course it her voice that fits the Country-songs like a glove. Great songs, a few covers and a great vibe overall.

Whitney Rose – Click image for full set

Whitney is not alone though and is helped by a splendid band. Drums and bass make a terrific rhythm section but for me mostly the guitarist stands out, he’s simply fantastic!

Whitney Rose – Click image for full set

Although Whitney does her darnedest best to break the ice introducing the songs with a good amount of humor and complementing the city on Groningen as much as she can, the audience -although very appreciative- is quiet as a mouse. Must be our Northern state-of-mind. There is however some dancing at the end of the gig. That’s a win then.

Whitney Rose(‘s bass player) – Click image for full set