February 21 hike

We had a great and sunny day today, so after work I made the most of what was left of the day for a short walk. In the last light of day, with lots of impressive plane trails in the sky it was a very nice bit of walking.

Luckily I had also added the 8mm Peleng lens to my bag just to try it out in a better setting then my backyard. I wanted to see if an 8mm lens might be an interesting addition for the Fujifilm, but did not want to invest 300 Euros or so before having a better idea. However I do have an 8mm Peleng for my Canon-set and an adapter only costs 20 Euros. For testing that’s far better!

As the 8mm is a so-called fisheye lens it is very much curved. I ‘de-fished’ it in Lightroom by adding a Samyang 8mm profile to it. I’d like the image to be a bit sharper, but for width of field I’m really quite happy with it! So a good 8mm might be in the plans laters.

I loved the two curved lines from the planes in the shot above. It will be two more or less identical take-off patterns from the Airport in Eelde nearby. For the last shot (below) I used the 8mm again. The horizon is a bit curved, but I just loved the colours.