Wintery walk on February 12

Today was a nice day. Pretty darn cold, but the sun was out and wasting the day on the sofa seemed a bit of a waste, so I headed out in the afternoon.

I crossed the canal near Assen and walked to Loon where some horses were giving me funny looks.

Passing Loon I drifted of the main path and followed a mushy wet path through nature. Off the beaten tracks as it were. The views were much more interesting.

And although it hasn’t snowed here as much as it has elsewhere in theĀ Netherlands, it’s cold enough to freeze the water and especially the smaller streams are closed. Except of course when there are cracks in the ice. That does give it an interesting look though.

The views over the landscape are always lovely, but more so with a litle pastel colour in the sky.

I didn’t see many people on the road today, but luckily I wasn’t all alone on the road. A few brave men even were out on their roadbike, but mostly I saw hikers like me.

Another view at trees and a sunny sky… It time to head back home, as the afternoon was almost over.

On my way back home I ren into some sheep. They were clearly not at all impressed by my wooly coat and had far better coating to keep warm.

Trees keep grabbing my attention, there’s just something about them.

And then nearly home again I saw a white heron. The darn animal flew of the moment I got closer and landed 20 meters away from me. Only to fly of again… and again… and again. Only once did I get a half decent shot of it in flight.