Lunchwalk on January 18

It’s full on winter in the Netherlands and we have had a few days of frost now. And yes: I do know that there are a lot of places in the world where will be far, far colder, but at a mere -6 degrees for a few days the Netherlands turn into a fairytale like scene with beautiful white trees…

You never know how long this will last and as they are already predicting the  temperature to rise over zero degrees tomorrow, today might be the last day to take a few photos.

The past few ‘lunchwalks’ I only had my iPhone with me. It works well and is easier to have along on a short walk, but I also wanted some more winter-shots with the X-Pro2, so today I brought that with me.

I’ve started a Flickr-album to collect the photos of my lunchwalks, so I can add more to that later this year. I hope that will bring some interesting new photo-ideas this year. Some will be iPhone, others will be shot with my regular cameras.

I chose a different route today and as I didn’t run into any interesting bushes for close-up shots, those are missing today. However the beautiful white against the white/blue sky was a fantastic sight. Winter might be cold, but it can be such a beautiful time of the year.