A wintery walk in Drenthe

With a fresh pack of snow and a clear sky it was a great afternoon to get outside and walk for an afternoon. And walk I did, over 20km in all.

As soon as I’d set off and crossed the canal next to Assen, someone pointed out a Kingfisher to me, resting at the canal. It sat there for a few minutes while lots of people tried to capture it with their smartphones. Not that my 135mm on the X-Pro2 got very close, but at least I got it on photo before it rapidly flew off.

I took the touristic road via Loon to Balloo for some better views…

Wading through the frosty mud to get to the hard to reach places (normally hardly reachable at all, frost and winter do had their advantages :)

And I wasn’t alone enjoying this gorgeous afternoon. I found many others hiking and cycling over the frosty, snowy paths.

The road from Balloo to Rolde isn’t that far and has many other views. Once in Rolde the church is hard to miss. It’s a viewpoint from a distance (as I imaging churches in villages were in the old days).

I didn’t want to wals straight home just yet, the afternoon was young, the weather great and I wasn’t nearly tired yet. So I aimed for Balloo again and from there onto the Balloerveld, a fantastic piece of landscape that in summer makes a great place for cycling along. In winter with snow, it’s great for walking.

The panorama this blog-entry started with, came from there too. And nearly at the end I found this tree with the sun hiding behind it.

It was only a short  walk back home. I did cross the bridge with the view to where the Kingfisher was resting in the beginning. It was a slim chance, but it would have been great to see it again. No such luck though.

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