December 18 Drenthe walk

I had a lovely walk in Drenthe this afternoon. A bit over 20km in just over three and a half hours. Unfortunately it was mostly completely cloudy, but on the other hand it wasn’t cold nor did it rain. So all in all a very nice walk.

I started walking up the canal where I was soon greeted by some very enthusiastic cows. A bit shy at first, but that soon passed. And they were much better dressed for the winter then me…

I passed the first bridge over the canal that would bring me to Loon and opted for the second one as that would lead me to Gasteren, a more interesting route. Once over the bridge I followed the main road that to my surprise held a few interesting views and in the end a lovely path through nature (instead of alongside it)

Entrance to a private road
Do gloves grow on trees?
I just love the branches of trees

Even though the trees have lost most of their leaves, there is still plenty of colour to see. The red leaves on the forest floor, the green mosses and even a few green-staying plants here and there.

A read sea of leaves
Another private road. Imagine walking here!!!
A puddle, the green looks eerily unnatural

Halfway I found a few more cows to cheer me on.  I just love the huge size of their horns and they seem a really relaxed bunch of cows.

From the Gasterse Duinen I walked from the little village of Gasteren to the next nature reserve: the Balloerveld near Ballo, it is absolutely gorgeous there. Lovely wide paths to walk on, wide fields and -if you’re willing- a few adventurous routes.

The safe route
The road less traveled

As I realised I was running out of time and light in the afternoon I took an adventurous shortcut and with a little bit of searching eventually found my way back home again, where I realised I did a total of over 20km, a great result for an afternoons walk!