Bauer and Nana Adjoa in Vera

I learned about Bauer (not to be confused with the in the Netherlands slightly more known Frans or the American Baauer) in 2006 when they released the album ‘The Bauer Melody of 2006’, an absolutely gorgeous album recorded with the Metropole Orchestra. The fourth album of the band and for a long time… the last. Until this year that is. Ten years after that release and shortly before my vacation to Guatemala I suddenly saw a new Bauer album ‘Eyes Fully Open.

And then it turned out that the band would visit Vera in Groningen. A change I could not pass on, because you never know… maybe I’ll have to wait another ten years for another chance.

Before Bauer would get on stage, we started with Nana Adjoa, an upcoming musician from the Netherlands. Normally she plays with a 5-piece band, but tonight she’s here on her own. Combining a great soulful dreamy voice with light guitar. It was a nice start of the avening and it made me curious to the full band experience.

Nana Adjoa – Click image for full set

The album Eyes Fully Open is completely crafted by Berend Dubbe, much like he once started Bauer back in 1999. However to bring the live experience of Bauer on stage Berend formed a full band to tour with.

The six musicians accompanying Berend on stage produce a terrific live sound and I absolutely love the addition of instruments such as a saxophone, a clarinet and concert flute. And then there’s keyboards with MOOG and Mellotron… the band had such a fantastic full rich sound.

Bauer – Click image for full set

And in the middle of it all is Berend’s soothing voice with a bass-like timbre, his sampling with an old zip-drive (I remember those things all to well from a time when 100MB was a big thing). A lot of songs from the new album topped of with a selection of great songs from the former albums.

The concert was absolutely fantastic and I do hope we’ll not have to wait another 10 years for the next album or concert.

Bauer – Click image for full set