Lunchwalk in Assen

I wanted to give the X-Pro2 a good test before I’m off to a well earned vacation. I had some problems copying data from my new SD card, so a few tests were in order. Luckily all is well in order.

I had hardly set out on my walk and I already stumbled a lovely subject. I’m not sure what I will walk into in the jungles far far away, but I wasn’t expecting to run into actual wildlife so close to home. Well, I say wild…

This little hedgehog was resting immediately next to the cycling path I was walking along. I was afraid maybe it was dead, so I nudged it gently with my shoe and got an irritated look in return. Good, it’s alive then. I left the hedgehog sleeping and continued on my way.

Only moments later, still along the same path I found some wild growing blackberries, it’s clearly the end of the season as there are only a few left. At times, when the bushes are filled with blackberries there are actually people stopping by on bicycles filling jars with the berries. Personally I’ve had a few hands full myself last year. This year non alas…

Just one step away from the cycling path and I’m on a slightly more adventurous path. It looks a lot more interesting wit some leaves growing over the path, doesn’t it?

The path goes on a bitand with falling leaves it’s a pretty autumn picture.

Walking a bit further and actually already on my way back to the office there’s a huge tree growing. I’ve seen it for as long as I’ve lived in Assen, as it’s along the road I cycled when I went ‘into town’ ¬†from my parents house, it was on the way to school and now I regularly walk past it on my lunch walks.

The direct way bak to the office would be dull along the street, but taking a small detour there is a bit of a rise in the way and with a tiny bit of sunshine and some fall colours, it’s really pretty.

Also found a friendly looking tree on the way and before I walked the last bit back to the office I found some beautifully leaves on pure autumn colours…

It just goes to show that you don’t have to walk far, not even out of the city limits to enjoy a gorgeous bit of nature. It’s literally just around the corner (that is… if you live in a lovely place such as Assen of course)