Jess Klein and Mike June at Vanslag

Last Friday I was back at Vanslag as Jess Klein’s announcement sounded really interesting. She is traveling with her husband Mike June who’d play as her ‘opening act’. A really interesting way to tour together :)

The setting at Vanslag was small and intimate. I always feel musicians deserve a bigger audience, but sometimes that’s just not the case. It’s unfortunate as the concerts were really good.

Mike June kicks off and looks and sounds like a man on a mission. No sweet lullabies and love-songs, but songs with a message. Some are instantly recognisable, others more recognisable on American turf. But the lyrics are strongĀ and are brought with feeling.

Mike introduces his wife Jess who joins him on stage for a few duets, after which Mike finished the set. It’s been a bit quiet in the audience, but that’s mostly due to the audience being so small (I think no one dared make a sound).

After a short break Jess Klein is announced and she starts with a fantastic song ‘Traveling Woman‘ that is -in hindsight- the highlight of the evening. Strong driving guitar with a fantastic voice. Not that the rest of the concert was not good, not at all, but this song was just about perfect.

Jess Klein followed with many more songs: lovely, fragile, intimate and all with a remarkably good voice. Mostly Jess was accompanying herself on guitar, but there was one song where she played piano. I was expecting it as I saw the microphone prepared there and hoped to get a really good shot, but unfortunately a guitar was in the way.

After the concert -when people were already leaving- Jess and Mike came back on stage for two more encores, the second one being a repeat of ‘Traveling woman’, however how Jess had Mike on and extra guitar. A lovely repeat, but the impact of the first version was (and still is) so strong. Absolutely loved it.

A really nice concert that deserved a bigger audience, but I guess sometimes you just don’t get that. Those that were there saw a beautiful concert.

Thank you Roots on the Road and Vanslag for yet another beautiful evening.