X-Pro2 gone to meet it’s maker

Sounds a bit heavy, but the X-Pro2 has been sent of to Fujifilm for repairs as by now I’ve run into a few issues and problems.

The main reason for sending it in now is that the oculair of the X-Pro2 fell of while in Barcelona. Somewhere during one of the days and not easily in my camera bag.

The same thing happened on my X-Pro1 a long time ago, but on that camera the oculair was a screw on that shared the size with an older Nikon camera, so a new screw on by Nikon was easily ordered (strangely Fujifilm does not offer this part for sale). Hoping they had learned form the X-Pro1 problem, I was shocked to find out that the X-Pro2 not only still does nog have spare parts for sale… it’s simply impossible to get any other on, as it no longer features a screw on oculair.

The oculair no longer being in it's place, it's somewhere in Barcelona now
The oculair no longer being in it’s place, it’s somewhere in Barcelona now

Apparently the part cannot fall of, but it did on mine. Also on Internet I read a few other mentions of this. I had a bit of a discussion with Fujifilm as it turns out that for repair they need to disassemble the body and fit in a new part. It does not really fit in my mindframe that a part like that can come of (quite easily as it seemed) but that to get it on again the whole darn camera needs to come apart but as they say it’s vital due to the weather-sealing. I’m finding this a bit of a design-issue.

But anyway, we eventually got to an agreement for repairs and the camera is off to Fujifilm in Germany now.

I’ve also included two other pains I run into a lot with the camera. First of the heating-problem. Right from the very moment I bought the camera, it heats up during active use (that is: shooting a lot whit the camera in one-shot mode). I’ve been in contact with Fujifilm and the store about this once I noticed it and they mentioned back that this was due to the improvement in processor-speed.

But I’ve had the camera with me on travels to Spain twice now and in the heat of summer the camera really gets hot, like having a furnace to my chest (might be nice in winter, but in summer not so much). It might not be a problem, but it feels wrong.

Lastly I’ve had problems with the software ever since the update to 1.02. It regularly, without notice, changes settings so that I’m suddenly looking into a ‘toy-camera’ viewfinder or rear-LCD, it no longer shoots in RAW and the autofocus style has changed. I can usually repair this with a settings-reset, but last week in Barcelona for nearly two days I simply was unable to get the camera in a RAW-mode again.

For that to happen within half a year to a camera that cost nearly €1800 is in my opinion simply unacceptable. Although I still love the output of the X-Pro2, my faith in the camera took a serious blow last week.