Basia Bulat in the Grand Theatre

I saw Basia Bulat back in 2013 in the Groninger Museum where she completely blew me away with a fantastic concert. We’re a few years on, I missed a concert or two but finally got it all set so I could see her in the Grand Theatre in Groningen last Friday.

It’s a day after the Liberation Festival, it’s hot, it’ sunny and perfect weather for visiting terraces and maybe that’s the reason that in the before the gig there weren’t too many people in the venue as I can’t say I’ve seen Basia Bulat lacking a good crown before. At least as the concert started there was a decently sized audience.

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Basia and band started hitting it hard with a set of strong popsongs. Basia in a lovely dress with a cape of yellow sequins. That made quite a picture with her blond hair.

Unfortunately not the one I was hoping for. As we were only allowed to shoot the first three songs and she sat behind the keyboard most of the time, I was struggling to get the shot I wanted. Only after I bagged the camera did Basia pick up the guitar and autoharp and I could visualise the photos I wanted right there and then :) Oh well, I guess you can’t always have it all.

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Best to enjoy the concert then. And that was good! Together with band it’s really good, but the moment the band left the stage and Basia played on her own (with guitar and then the fabulous autoharp) it felt like magic. And I really don’t mean that the band wasn’t good, because it was, but Basia on her own is mesmerising, hauntingly beautiful.

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After a set of songs the guitarist came back on stage and they played Damaged -a Prima Scream cover- before the rest of the band got back on stage. I left the concert early to head to another concert, but was luckily still and again much impressed by Basia’s voice and presence. Over all a great concert again!