Ralph de Jongh in Café Lodewijk Napoleon

As if a long day at the track wasn’t enough I thought I’d end the Sunday afternoon with visiting a concert in Café 1809 Lodewijk Napoleon in Assen. Ralph de Jongh had a small gig there and as it was on my route from the circuit to home, it was a nice stop along the way.

As I arrived Ralph de Jongh was just on his first brake after one of the three sets and as the weather was great it was crowded both in front of the café as inside. I found the stage in the opening of the cafe, actually not a bad place at all as both people inside and out were able to enjoy the gig.

(Ralph de Jongh, click image for full set)

I installed myself in front of the stage as Ralph was about to start the second set. A mix of superb blues and rock with influences of from the old blues masters and a bit of the Rolling Stones (covering Wild Horses you can’t help but be reminded of the Stones).

(Ralph de Jongh, click image for full set)

Watching Ralph perform is always a joy: he’s intense, sincere and there’s always a spark of joy and a smile when he connects to people in the audience. Together with a great voice, lively stage-performance and good songs it’s really always a blast.

(Clog-stompin’ Ralph de Jongh, click image for full set)

Unfortunately I had to move on again so I couldn’t see the whole third set, but I got to watch it for a bit. He started with a song where Moon added additional vocals from the stool at the bar. All in all the whole scene of Ralph on a little stage and the audience on the floor and in the door opening of the bar was simply great.

(Ralph de Jongh, click image for full set)

So short as my visit was, I really enjoyed it a lot, love seeing and hearing Ralph perform and whether it’s with a full band or solo, you can’t go wrong when an artist plays music like that. Thanks Ralph!