The Fujifilm X-Pro2

I intended to wait at least a while to see if any serious problems would arise from the first batch. However I have to confess that I’m really really ashamed of myself for having virtually no self-control. I ordered the camera yesterday afternoon to be delivered… today!

And so from midday today I was eagerly watching and waiting for the postman to arrive and wouldn’t you know it: he was late!!!

(The new and shiny X-Pro2 together with the X-Pro1 and my Leica M6)

That unfortunately meant I had to rush out to do some weekend shopping afterwards, so not too much testing today, but in the evening as the sun was setting I decided on a short quick walk to at least get myself a bit more acquainted with the camera.

(Tulips, lovely colours, great sharpness)

As many reviews have already mentioned the camera has received a huge overhaul when (like me) you sticked to the original X-Pro1. The grip of the camera feels better, the screen on the back is lush and inserting the SD-cards on the side now, instead of next to the battery feels as an improvement too. Not to mention the centred tripod connection!

(Just missed the wildest colours of the sunset, but this was nice too)

The menu looks much better. I’ll need to run through the settings, but it looks a lot better then the menu on the X-Pro1 does. And the added film type Argos looks nice. I’m not a pure JPeg shooter, but the combination of JPeg and RAW is interesting and I often shoot in a black&white setting to have a better preview.

(Me in Argos black & white, with digital Yellow filter)

The autofocus feels indeed snappier then on the X-Pro1 and the 56mm behaved far better then it ever did. Another mention is definitely deserved for the added wifi function. Playing with the remote control on my (also very new) iPhone 6S was a breeze. Won’t be used all the time, but I can see possibilities with this.

(Losing daylight here, but it looked impressive)

And then the main thing. That which divides the Fujifilm X-Pro lovers from those that can’t see the use and want the X-T series: the viewfinder. It is amazing! It’s what made me fall in love with the X-Pro1 and the X100 before it. Fujifilm has refined it in the X100S and X100T, but those being fixed lens-camera’s I feel it’s truly amazing what they did with the X-Pro2. The EVF (my main gripe with the X-Pro1, together with autufocus) responds much, much faster

(Argos with red filter, clouds reflected in the water)

The added option to the optical viewfinder where you see a small digital screen in the lower right corner displaying the focus field looks great too. Not sure how useful this will be. Maybe it’s merely a fancy gimmick, but it works.

(Argos with red filter, it looked like a bull stampeding over Assen)

I’m sure I’ll find a lot more interesting features as I explore the camera in the coming days. The real test will come with the next gig. Let’s see how it behaves then.

(One last colour shot as it looked like Assen was on fire)

One minor point that I did run into was that the settings I installed were lost during the day. I hadn’t heard of any problems like that in the first few days after the camera’s release, but of course one hour after I ordered it I started seeing messages about this issue pop up. It might be an internal battery that needs to charge first or it will be fixed by a firmware update soon. I’m not worried yet and enjoy the camera a lot.