Blues in Assen

Unfortunately I had to pass on the ‘Asser Bluesroute’ this year, the festival where a good twenty blues musicians and bands will play in various cafes, bars and venues all over Assen. Luckily I didn’t miss out on all of it.

This afternoon there were a few instore concerts in Assen and my friends at the one and only music department in Assen, located in the warehouse Vanderveen had two of them.

Starting the afternoon were Roelof Meijering and Beau. Roelof hails from Assen (actually he’s practically my neighbour) and he’s regularly playing sessions in Assen as ‘Roelof Meijering & Friends’. This afternoon he had Beau with him on vocals. An acoustic bluesy start with Roelof on guitar and Beau with one heck of a voice. She totally blew me away, really impressive! I’ll definitely have to check them out for a full concert!

(Roelof Meijeringh & Beau, click image for full set)

A bit later Laurence Jones and band took to the stage. As he was introduced it was mentioned that Laurence had issues with hos voice and that it would be instrumental, however Laurence sang as if his life depended on it and sang good. All in all good, proper English electric blues. It’s been a while since I heard that and it was really good.

(Laurence Jones, click image for full set)

As I made my way back to my bicycle to get back home I couldn’t help but hear a duo singing how nobody knows you when you’re down and out and decided to check that out. I found Willie B. & The Blue Sparrow busking in the Forum. A nice little setup and actually one of the best ways to hear prober blues: out in the street.

(Willie B. & The Blue Sparrow, click image for full size)