Rod Picott in Vanslag

“If you’ve seen me before, you know what to expect: A bunch of sad sad songs…” and thus began Rod Picott on a cold January evening in Vanslag.

I’ve seen Rod before, but a quick check revealed that that was a long long time ago. I saw him back in 2003 to 2005. Well over 10 years ago and so it was about time I saw him again and see how he’s doing now.

Rod Picott is a terrific singer/songwriter in the great Americana style with a warm, not too slick voice that is really easy to listen to and he’s equally a great storyteller.

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Family is a great influence in Rod’s songs and having written many songs about his dad he’s broadening his horizon and adding more family-members to the fold. There’s a great story about his father being a boxer in the army, like his grandfather before hime and his great grandfather before him. Rod in that great line takes after his mother… and then there’s his uncle John. That kind of uncle you decide not to invite for the next party because you know there will be trouble. “And everyone has that ‘uncle John’ and if you don’t know what an ‘uncle John is’, you know what that means, right? You are that Uncle John”.

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But also there are great stories about songwriting with Fred Eaglesmith, growing up in a small two-cop-town and so many more. None of it did any harm to the songs though, it made them al the more visual. Armed with only an acoustic guitar Rod easily held the audience’s attention with a great mix of tough-as-nails songs and some gorgeous small fragile songs such as the beautiful ‘Alicia’ that ended the set. And anyone inspired to write songs by seeing Howlin’ Wolf videos on the Internet is OK in my book!).

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A fantastic start to the new concert year. Although it’s his last concert in the Netherlands on this tour, Rod will travel through Europe a while linger and he will return to the Netherlands later this year, so if you can, try and catch a show.

Thanks Roots on the Road and Vanslag for a fantastic concert once again!