Melodica050 2015

Melodica is an international festival originating from Australia and currently with editions in Germany, Denmark, England and for the third time now also in the Netherlands, Groningen to be exact. It had a pre-party on Friday and would burst loose for the weekend. I had different plans for Sunday, but the Saturday-edition had a set of good names and a good schedule.

I arrived well in time to see the final soundcheck and a little while later Past Perfect from Denmark got to open the Saturday-section of Melodica. Armed with a ukelele and unplugged in front of the stage he played a lovely set. An attempt at tuning the ukelele didn’t really work out so he switched to smartphone with bluetooth-speaker and ended the set on regular guitar. Standing in front of the stage instead of on is is a nice and direct connection to the audience, but it’s bloody annoying for photography as there’s no spotlight to work with.

(Past Perfect, click image to open full set)

So that made the second set not much easier as Dutch songstress Eva Waterbolk also decided to play acoustically in front of the stage. Some witty songs, a few intimately fragile songs and a lovely voice. But again with no lights to work with.

(Eva Waterbolk, click image to open full set)

The last act in the afternoon I could see before I had to head home for some work was Groninger local Hans Hannemann. And ON STAGE! With only acoustic guitar and a piano as instruments and a great grand voice that reminded me of Neil Diamond at times. Terrific!

(Hans Hannemann, click image to open full set)

After a stop at home and a visit to the World Press photo 2015 in the Der Aa kerk (almost next to the location of Melodica) I returned for a bit of the evening program. I was just in time to see Phil Fill (from Germany) start his set. Phil played with the American Ryan Thomas Carpenter. A golden combination.d The sound was simply awesome. Soulfull, funky pop with a good combination of voices. It got the audience dancing and the set quite overplayed it’s timeslot.

(Phil Fill, click image to open full set)

And that is unfortunately why I only saw a very tiny little bit of the next act Poems for Jamiro as I had to run to the Vera venue for another gig. Can’s say much about Poems for Jamiro then, but I’ll happily go and see them again next time.

(Poems for Jamiro, click image to open full set)

I also had to give the Sunday-part a miss as I was watching a football match. What can I say… it was a busy weekend. But I look forward to the next edition of Melodica, it’s a terrific concept of a festival with a bunch of really good musicians!

(Melodica, click image to open full set)