Hollis Brown and Bruce Sudano in Vanslag

Two terrific concerts in Vanslag last Saturday with Hollos Brown and Bruce Sudano opening for them.

There has been quite some advertising for Hollis Brown already and the bits I saw on Youtube promised a good evening so I was excited to go to Vanslag on Friday.

But before Hollis Brown was on, there was Bruce Sudano, a good singer with a great voice. He had a few band members of Hollis Brown supporting him. They added bass, drums and piano and that pushed the quality up a few notches. Loved the bass-player and keyboards on the songs, they mixed ever so well with Bruce’s voice.

(Bruce Sudano, click image for full set)

After a short break the full band of Hollis Brown came on stage and they rocked!!! The five piece band are a terrific combination. It was the last gig of their European tour and they ended it on a fantastic high. They really put heart and soul in the songs and reached out to the audience.

(Hollis Brown, click image for full set)

They literally did that in the encore where they invited the audience on stage for the song Sweet Jane. One last song before they head back to New York, a fitting end to a terrific gig and a great tour.

(Hollis Brown, click image for full set)

Big thanks to Roots on the Road and Vanslag for organising this concert, it was awesome!