Guatemala – The Battle

My girlfriend M. might be living in Barcelona, she hails from Guatemala. And so when I saw that the museum in Hilversum is hosting an exhibition called “Guatemala – The Battle” I simply had to go and visit this. Last Saturday seemed like a terrific day to get on the train and visit Hilversum.

“The Battle” has nothing to do with Guatemala itself but everything with the ‘mission’ of the two photographers Sacha de Boer and Raymond Rutting. National Geographic sent the two of them on their way as a duo to lift eachter to greater hights. To challenge and learn from each other in styles of photography and in the results.

The exposition shows a selection of the photos set out over three floors of the museum, beautifully printed and set behind frameless glass. The bright, vibrant colours of the skies, the buildings and the clothing of the photographed people in Guatemala really popped out.

There is a clear difference in the photography styles of Sacha and Raymond. Several photos had the same subject and made the difference all the more clear, others complemented each other. A series of the photos is also on view on the National Geographic site over here. The photos in the museum were hung without signs with explanation, this was provided by a flyer that was handed out at the entry of the exposition. It made the photos stand out stronger on the walls.

The images of the two photographers show a beautiful, colourful country filled with tradition and history even though the news is currently telling far worse stories with the current drought and political struggles. I for one really hope to visit the country at some point and I’ll have the perfect guide with me :)

For the rest of the day, after visiting the museum, I wandered through Hilversum a bit. I saw some gorgeously designed houses and some of the work by Hilversum architect Willem Dudok. It was fun wandering about in a city I had not visited before. Also had a terrific converstation with a shop-runner in a camera store about Fujifilm’s and Leica’s. Turned out he’s from Westerbork (not far from my hometown Assen) and knew just about all the camera stores in Assen and Groningen. Loved the city and I’d love to revisit at some point.

(I loved the typical design of the left house. Click image for some more Hilversum photos)