Leica Elmar-C 90mm on X-Pro1 test

Wanted to try out the ‘new’ 1973 Leica Elmar-C 90mm lens and the quickest results are of course on the Fujifilm X-Pro1, so I mounted the lens on the X-Pro1 and went for a walk tonight.

Here are the results of a short walk along the canal near my house:

(click image for full set)

Sharpness at f/4.0 is a little bit fuzzy as the many reviews already mentioned, but stop it down to f/5.6 or more and it’s bliss all the way. Nice sharp and beautiful colours.

Also black and white renders really nicely. As I’ve just witched to a 13″ Apple Macbook Pro, I’ve also taken the chance to switch from Apple’s Aperture to Adobe’s Lightroom. Getting the hang of it and seeing many advantages already.

More of those gorgeous colours there with a little tweaking in Lightroom, but not too much. Had to tone the highlights a bit to get the clouds more visible in this shot, but that’s about it.

It was a bit too late for many rowers, but I was lucky enough to catch at least this one.

As far as handling goes, I’m also really liking the lens. The focus-ring is a bit stiff, but with this focal range it’s better then a loose ring I think. It feels good. Also the aperture-ring turns well with firm clicks and with half-stops between the set apertures.

This shot I cropped a bit, but the detail in the bird is still terrific, really amazed by this lens.

Except for a Tri-Elmar lens, Leica doesn’t really do zoom-lenses and that’s fine by me. I wanted to keep my X-Pro1 setup set on primes and there’s no reason whatsoever to change that on the Leica setup. However it’s nice to know that I can crop a bit, even on a 90mm lens and still get a strong, sharp image to post online.

Heading back home again, the sun just outside the frame. Underexposed the shot for a darker result, the lady who wandered into the frame to cut off a few flowers was sheer luck.

Father and son fishing. Underexposed again to get the image to look more like a silhouette.

Back to full colour again, the cow’s hide looks amazing. Image is cropped a bit to get out the details on the cows. Love the lively colours here.

I botched the shot of the guys waving at me as they passed me by, but that’s manual focus for you. Can easily be missed. The next shot (this one) was spot on! Sharp and in great colours. Had to overexpose a bit as the sun was on the other side, leaving thing one in the dark. Focussing the image, adjusting aperture and shutter-speed is exactly why the first shot of the board failed, so I was really impressed with this one.

One last (underexposed) shot before I went home, also as the battery of the X-Pro1 died. But in all a really good result for a first test of the Leica Elmar-C 90mm lens and I have no problem fitting this onto the Leica M6 or the Fujifilm X-Pro1. It looks awesome and performs fantastically. It’s also only a quarter of the price of the 90mm f/2.o Fujifilm lens and a lot smaller and lighter, so in all I’m really happy I bought this lens!