Dani Nel.lo in Luz de Gas – Barcelona

When I first visited my girlfriend in Barcelona in January this year, we attended a concert in Jamboree by Dani Nel.lo. As I had planned another visit to M. the past week I saw that Dani was playing again. This time in Luz de Gas and it seemed a good plan to go to another Dani Nel.lo concert as we’d both enjoyed it a lot the first time.

M. and I arrived well in time and for a moment I feared that the venue wasn’t going to be filled. Mostly a huge amount of photographers and a film crew were hoarding the front of the stage, but as the concert started, the venue was very nearly packed. We had a really good position in the front, was really happy with that!

As far as I could see Dani Nel.lo had mostly the same group with him as in January: two guitarists, a bass player and a drummer. Dani himself on saxophone, a perfect base for┬áthe rhythm’n’blues concert. It swung from start to finish and the┬áband had a lot of fun on stage.

(click image for full set)

As M. bought me the Dani Nel.lo album Sax-O-Rama I knew the songs (almost by heart), and I love the live versions of it. The theatrical layout of the stage was fantastic, really enjoyed the gig (only the beer-prizes nearly gave me a heart attack). I’m thinking we should keep the Dani Nel.lo concerts included in my visits to Barcelona :)