Viva Italia 2015

Last Sunday the TT Circuit in Assen was home again to Viva Italia; the celebration of Italian cars. They did this in combination with a Supercar Sunday event. However I don’t much care for ‘Supercars’ (fast engines under a windtunnel-shaped carbon fiber shell and bucket seats) so I marvelled at the historical cars that were far more ‘super’ to me.

To my shame I must admit having missed most of the Lancia-collection except for the legendary rally car of course.

Of course there were loads of Ferrari masterpieces. On the Supercar-side some very modern ones, but on the Viva Italia side there was a selection of cars from more or less my boyhood. The Testarossa of course and a 348 where you were just waiting for some moustachioed easy going guy in a Hawaiian shirt to jump in the car and race off.

(click image for full Ferrari set)

And then there was a nice collection of Fiat‘s but the most impressive set there was the selection of Abarth Fiat’s from the Dutch Abarth club looking in tip top shape for a race. The Fiat 500 however is cute as a button and always a joy to see too.

(click image for full Fiat / Abarth set)

Lamborghinis (once more famous for it’s tractors) are a bit special. They’re wacky, like they’ve been flown in from Mars and that’s a big part of their appeal. They make Ferrari look like a family car. I recently saw a documentary that mentioned the Countach had been introduced as a concept-car back in 1971. 1971!!! Back then it must have seemed like it was hauled in from the future. And it’s still an absurdly gorgeous car to see (and… the main design was ‘borrowed’ from the Alfa Romeo 33 Carabo so it’s not such a surprise I find it appealing).

(click image for full Lamborghini set)

However… without a doubt –being an Alfisti, Alfa Romeo fan and lover– the best of the show for me was the collection of Alfa Romeo‘s. I would have liked to see a few more older cars, as there was a big selection of fairly recent Alfa’s, and the RZ was missing in the line-up, but there were a few Giulia’s that that got my blood pumping a lot faster. I adore the Giulia, the shape of the car is just about as perfect as it gets. Contrary to the weather there weren’t a lot of Spiders, but a few still made their appearance and also a few 33 and 75 models to bring back some childhood memories.

(click image for full Alfa Romeo set)

So really a great day at the track with lots of beautiful cars and the weather was outstanding. Could not have asked for more.