Deeldeliers in Simplon

You don’t get to meet living legends every day. People that have such a rich history in music and poetry and are instantly recognizable by how they dress and talk. In the Netherlands just about everyone will know Jules Deelder. Poet, writer, performer, collector of a truly incredible vinyl jazz collection, promotor of detergents for black clothing and an important part of the Deeldeliers, a musical partnership with Bas -Dominee- van Lier. They came to Groningen last night.

While the DJ was playing a collection of jazz-songs, Jules Deelder (timeless, but from 1944) stepped up to his private DJ booth with a selection of his personal jazz albums and  with a backdrop of cool jazz album covers he played some fantastic tracks.

(click image for full set)

After a while the Deeldeliers came to the stage. Bas van Lier -introducing himself as Dominee (Vicar) van Lier- behind a Hammond, Boris van der Lek on sax and Erik Kooger on drums. Jules joined them center stage on a smaller drum-kit. The band rocked, playing freely, improvising on themes and with all in all a very enjoyable grooving and danceable style. It took a while but eventually the audience started dancing to the music, driving the band even further on.

In between songs Jules recited some of his poetry and -enticed by Bass- told some great stories and was even talked into singing one song (the 1932 written ‘Brother can you spare me a dime’). It was an incredibly fun evening with fantastic jazz and one of my musical wishes fulfilled finally seeing Jules Deelder. After the concert Jules returned to his DJ-stand to play some music from his incredible collection. Seeing Jules Deelder live has been on my wishlist for a long time and he did not disappoint, not one moment! I loved it.

(click image for full set)