Oh Susanna in Vanderveen on RSD15

While I was enjoying the Vanessa Peters concert in the Groninger Museum on Friday evening, the Vanslag venue in Borger had Oh Susanna on stage. Oh well, you can’t be everywhere all the time and I was in luck as last Saturday it was international Record Store Day and Oh Susanna would play a set in my local record store, so I got to see them after all!

It was still a bit early in the day (oh, ok…11:00 in the morning) but¬†Suzie Ungerleider -or Oh Susanna– was well awake and in good spirits after last nights concert, so I’m guessing all went well in Vanslag. She had her guitarist with her and as a duo they played a lovely set of country/folk inspired songs.¬†Though the floor wasn’t flooded yet there was a nice and attentive audience and the set sounded great. Funniest moment was when a woman decided that concert or no concert, she wanted to listen to a CD anyway. That the listening-booth was directly next to the stage didn’t faze her for a moment… and the band played on!

(click image for full set)

I could go on a rant of the lousy quality of the vinyl releases and it being more of a Record Label Day then a Record Store Day, but that would be a repeat of last years closing words and though they’re still true, it’s nothing to do with the great job the ‘indie’ record stores still do bringing great music to music lovers.