Barcelona January 2015

In January I visited that beautiful city of Barcelona again, escaping the cold wintery weather of the Netherlands. Only for a few days this time, but the city is an incredible place that still has many secrets to reveal.

I have to be honest, I mostly came to Barcelona to visit my beautiful girlfriend there, but together we wandered the streets where she led me to many delicious coffee stores and fantastic shops with lots of vinyl records. She knows me oh so well :)

We started with a visit of the Carrer de Milans, as an upward shot of that place features a Dutch book about Barcelona and I loved that and so wanted to see and shoot that myself (not the most original, but hey… still a nice location). We then visited the Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia. The Sagrada Familia may be one of the most know basilicas, the cathedral is an impressive place to see too. Perhaps also as it doesn’t have that same touristy feel. No hour-long waiting-line to get in. Mercat de Santa Caterina that not only has an incredible roof, but is glorious to visit inside too.

I read that the MACBA-museum is the place to be for skaters and therefor also for photographers. We took a little bit of time, but I’m really happy with a few of the results.

She also took me to the Saturday market near the Torre Agbar, a wonderful chaotic location where you can find just about anything, new of second hand. There are actual antique stores that had some wonderful Leica-like lighters, and a few real Leica cameras to boot. Art-pieces, old gramophone players, lots of vinyl again and just too much to take in in one morning of browsing.

We ended the Saturday enjoying the last bit of light on the beach (with still many offerings of massages, mojitos, coconut and what not before we we strolled the beach to see a fantastic sunset over the cities roofs had a great dinner and then went to see Dani Nel.lo in the Jamboree club. A great rhytm’n’blues gig.

On Sunday we visited the Tibidabo with a great journey with the metro, train, a mountain-lift and a bus. Riding the last bit with the bus we passed many cyclists and while a part of me was happy we got up so easily, the biggest part of me wanted to race down again, grab a roadbike and get cycling. The amusement-park there is currently unfortunately closed for maintenance, but the view there is still incredible and with the sun as nice as it was, missing the bus and waiting for the next one on the stairs to the church was not bad at all.

In the afternoon we wandered the streets a bit more, found the Satan’s Coffee Corner that came so highly recommended for it’s coffee and it was indeed fantastic. Both the coffee and the homemade sodas. Fantastic! We also found the Pla├ža de Sant Felip Neri.

As the afternoon drew to an end we quickly visited the statue in honor of the castellers and in the evening we visited a Correfoc in honor of Sant Antonio. Apparently there are bigger correfocs, but for my first one, this was mighty impressive. I had a blast.

On Monday-morning a last little walk in her neighborhood, a last few espressos (we found number two Coffee store on my list: Onna Coffee, a bit more of a homely feel then the hip Satan’s Coffee Corner, but the coffee was great! And then sadly it was time to say goodbye. For now… Will visit Barcelona again. Many more times if I have anything to say about it :)