The 10 albums of 2014

As every year I buy way more albums than is good for me (trust me, it’s too much). However I must admit that this year I haven’t bought that many albums that were actually released this year. I’m sure I’ll find a lot that I missed somewhere in the next year, but it has made producing a top 10 list just a bit easier.

I’ll not put any kind o order to the list as all the records are dear to me. This years list is more a list of music that I’m really happy with and most of them have good memories tied to them.

Melanie de Biasio – No Deal
I bought this album the moment I saw it. The classic vintage look of the vinyl album took me in. The title track also is hauntingly beautiful.

Sharon van Etten – Are We There
A lovely new album by Sharon. I’d seen her live a few times before, but the concert this year in Vera was simply fantastic! So the album brings back good memories!

Marike Jager – The Silent Song
How could I possibly not include Marike’s new album in the list? It is a fantastic album full of small, fragile songs. The concert tour Marike played with partner Henk Jan Heuvelink in churches all over the Netherlands  were incredible. Glad to have been a (very small) part of that. The album release in Utrecht and the concert in Leegkerk are much cherished memories.

My Brightest Diamond – This is my hand
First saw Shara Worden in 2008 at Take Root and then again this year at Cross-Linx, both fantastic concerts and the new terrific album was a no-brainer. Can not wait till next year when Shara will return to Groningen!

Beck – Morning Phase
I’ve never really felt the need to buy Becks albums, but when I was browsing album in Plato in Groningen, they had this new album on and it struck a chord. Still does.

Benjamin Herman – Trouble
Being a Jazz-lover and a great admirer of Benjamin’s work, this is again a terrific album. Live with New Cool Collective the music is very festive, when Benjamin ventures out on his own with quartets or trio’s, the style is more traditional, but oooooh so good. Terrific concert also in Groningen this year.

FKA Twigs – LP1
This album was tipped to me by Lianne who works at the local music-store in Assen (Vanderveen, check it out if you’re ever near). Musically an experience but I really dig it.

House of Cosy Cushions – Spell
By no means an easy album, but it is a fantastic listening experience. Also listening to this reminds me of the beautiful concert that was played in a little church in Oostum and of course of the concert in my favorite church Vanslag.

J Mascis – Tied To A Star
Haven’t had this album to long yet. Only a few days in fact, but coupled with the memories of the very recent concert in Vera, I simply really like it a lot

Tenfold – Tenfold (ep)
A terrific folky EP, but also a great reminder of meeting Tenfold earlier this year at the FestivalderAa festival. A lovely girl and I truly hope this EP will bring her to the next level. The concept of the artwork was really nice too.