Inge van Calkar in Vanslag

I’ve seen Inge van Calkar a few times now, including when she operated under the name Zaza, but with there already being a Zaz, a Zazi and a Zazie, it’s good that Inge performs as Inge van Calkar now :) The last time I saw her was on the fantastic FestivalderAa festival and now with a full band she rocked the Vanslag church  in Borger last Friday.

I needed a bit of a gig to wash a way the bad aftertaste of the Ane Brun gig and Inge and band are a great recipe for that. I arrived just in time for that last bit of the soundcheck and heard a good full sound and a saw a full stage.

When the venue had filled nicely a bit later Inge and band took to the stage for two sets with a mixture of stomping popsongs, a bit of country/folk and some lovely low-key songs. A good selection of their own songs added with a few interesting covers made for two fantastic sets.

(click image for full set)

The light-setting in the venue was awesome! Usually stages in venues aren’t all that special, but the Vanslag venue is a gorgeous location to behold. Great job Inge and band and Vanslag of course!